Selangor Symphony Orchestra | The Orchestra
Welcome to Selangor Symphony Orchestra (SSO). It is a new professional orchestra in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Read more here
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About Us

The Selangor Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is a professional orchestra in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The orchestra serves as a platform for Malaysia’s accomplished professional classical musicians, showcasing the accumulated growth of the Malaysian classical music scene. SSO gathers the most accomplished Malaysian musicians, forming the majority of around 80 musicians, to partake in its music making, with the aim of giving back to the community that helped the musicians flourish.

Season Calendar & Concert Program

The annual season calendar of the SSO consists of a few full orchestra concerts, chamber music series, and education and outreach projects. The SSO aims to perform the core orchestral repertoires, all music is carefully selected by its music director & conductor to accommodate today’s discerning public in order to appeal to audiences from all walks of life. The SSO will also price its tickets at a most affordable level; the goal is to reach out to as many audiences as possible.

Mission & Objectives

  • To establish a home-grown professional orchestra in the state of Selangor, Malaysia;
  • To enhance the Selangor state’s cultural vibrancy and put the state on the world map;
  • To serve Selangor’s community by performing inspiring orchestral music;
  • To serve Selangor’s community by means of community outreach projects;
  • To create a professional music making environment for talented Malaysian musicians to thrive in;